Necklace trunk created for Chaumet
This complex trunk incorporates three curved sides, to reveal a curved glass vitrine that contains the Chaumet diamond necklace.
2015, Collection Moynat Paris.
Guerlain Trunk for Orient Express
In the signature Orient-Express blue, the beauty case has the sophisticated interior of the box and drawers containing beauty products and a vintage Baccarat bottle of Shalimar perfume by Guerlain.
2014, Collection Moynat Paris.
La Malle Macaron
The Macaron trunk showcases a perfect harmony between French gastronomy and fine French trunk-making.
2013, Collection Moynat Paris.
La Malle Jaguar
The concept trunk is created to fit perfectly into the boot of the Jaguar F-Type convertible and contains an electric scooter.
2014, Collection Moynat Paris.
Malle Bicyclette.
Perched like a tree-house between the wheel and handlebars, its lineage is marked in the triple-curved bottom that perfectly cradles the front wheel. 2012, Collection Moynat Paris.
Handmade bicycle by Abici Italia.
Breakfast Trunk for Yannick Alléno.
Mobile trunk on which to prepare a full breakfast for two, be it in a hotel room, on a terrace or poolside. 2012, Collection Moynat Paris.
"Profile" trunk created for KRUG Champagne, with a curved shape that follows the silhouette of the Grand Cuvée Magnum. In vegetal leather, lined in suede. 2011, Collection Moynat Paris.
Automobile boot trunk that follows the form of the carriage, washable coated canvas. 1912, Collection Moynat Paris.
Limousine trunk with concave bottom, fitted perfectly to the rounded roof of the automobile. Canvas lacquered to match the colour of the carriage. 1909, Collection Moynat Paris.
Front opening sedan boot trunk, in lacquered and varnished plywood, containing 2 cases, washable tobacco-colored canvas, with bracketed-lever locks (patented). 1922, Collection Moynat Paris.
Sedan boot trunk with cases, covered in washable canvas matched to the color of the car body, equipped with bracketed-lever Moynat locks (patented). 1919, Collection Moynat Paris.
Trunk in red morocco leather with a frieze of studs encircling palm leaves in blue, lapis lazuli leather, designed by Henri Rapin. 1925, Collection Moynat Paris.
Light cabin trunk, leaf-colored, washable coated canvas, lid reinforced with one-piece enamelled steel band, copper corners, white lining, straps. 1907, Collection Moynat Paris.
Men's wardrobe trunk, with hangers for coats, waistcoats and trousers, and cases for hats, shoes and shirts. 1925, Collection Moynat Paris.
Small automobile trunk edged in leather, coated "Havane" canvas, reinforced with sturdy cowhide. 1923, Collection Moynat Paris.
Flat courier trunk for men in varnished and washable yellow canvas. Double frame, mobile divider. Corners in sturdy "Havane" cowhide. Lined in white canvas. Numbered locks. 1909, Collection Moynat Paris.
Hat box for men in mini checkerboard Moynat canvas. Lined in velvet. 1910, Collection Moynat Paris.
Toilet case for automobiles in navy blue morocco leather. 1918, Collection Moynat Paris.
Cabin trunk, Moynat Initial canvas with corners reinforced in sturdy cowhide. 1925, Collection Moynat Paris.
Tall, flat-topped trunk with leather straps, striped linen canvas and leather-reinforced corners. 1880, Collection Moynat Paris.
Tall, flat-topped trunk with corners, handles and straps in sturdy "Havane" cowhide, leather-reinforced hinges, beechwood battens and slats perforated to accommodate straps. 1908, Collection Moynat Paris.
Wardrobe trunk for automobile interior, with 4 hangers on a sliding rod and 5 drawers, waxed hemp canvas, closures and handles in colors matched to the car body. 1925, Collection Moynat Paris.
Slim cabin trunk with copper angles, levered Moynat locks (patented). 1908, Collection Moynat Paris.
Baggage-hold trunk, brass corners, Moynat Damier canvas. 1904, Collection Moynat Paris.
Lightweight, wicker Moynat trunk (English trunk), tarred and varnished canvas edged with sturdy cowhide.
1879, Collection Moynat Paris.